Launching KMyMoney

Most commonly, you will launch KMyMoney from an icon or a start menu of your window manager. In this case, the default behavior is that KMyMoney will open the last file you had open. However, in some circumstances, you will want or need to launch KMyMoney from the command line.

For a complete description of all the available command line options, see the man page for KMyMoney. However, there are two special cases which we describe here.

kmymoney -n The -n option tells KMyMoney not to open the last file it had open. This can be useful if the program crashes on startup.

kmymoney <path to file> Giving KMyMoney a filename on the command line tells it to open that file instead of the last file it had open. You can use the name of any valid KMyMoney file, as described in the chapter on file formats. In addition, this can be used to import a GnuCash file.