Creating accounts

There are multiple ways you can create an account, which are described here:

Using the menu

To create an account using the menu select AccountsNew account menu item.

Using the Accounts view

To create an account using the accounts view click on the accounts icon in the view selector to display the Accounts View. Right click on the either the Asset tree icon or the Liability tree icon in the right hand view and select New account from the popup menu. The Asset tree holds all of your accounts that are an asset, such as savings and investments. Liabilities are accounts that represent money you owe, such as loans and credit cards. These and all the other account types are discussed in more detail later in this manual.

Using the toolbar

If the New Account... button is displayed on the toolbar, you can click it to create an account.


Note that KMyMoney uses context menus a lot throughout the whole application. If you find yourself stuck trying to figure out how to do something, try right-clicking where you would expect to see a feature.

Creating a new account by either method opens the New Account Wizard. This wizard will take you step by step through the process of creating an account, gathering the required information at each step. To navigate through the pages click on the Next and Back buttons.

Create an account using any of the previously mentioned methods to continue. A full description of creating accounts can be found in the Accounts section.

Now that one or more accounts exist in KMyMoney, your account summary is shown in the Home view. You can create transactions manually in the Ledgers view, or set up automatic transactions through the Schedules view.