Chapter 7. Categories

Roger Lum

Michael Carpino

Revision 5.0.8 (2020-02-06)

The Categories view provides a summary of all the existing categories in your current database. The categories are split into income and expense, sorted alphabetically, and shown along with the respective balance for each.

Creating a category

There are 3 ways to create a new category: either select the CategoryNew category menu item; select a parent in the tree in the Categories view, right-click and select the New Category option, or directly type the name of the new category when adding or editing a transaction in the Ledger. Doing any of these steps will direct you to the Create new Category dialog. The dialog contains three tabs: General, Hierarchy, and Tax. The General tab includes editable fields for the new category name, type, and currency (with the default currency preselected,) as well as options for Last check number, Notes, and a checkbox for Cost center assignment required. In the Hierarchy tab, you are able to select the appropriate parent account for the category. Finally, in the Tax tab, there are fields to enable and configure VAT support, and a checkbox to include this category in tax related reports.