Editing a Category

To edit a category, right-click on a category name, and choose Edit category. A window appears with the same three tabs as the new category dialog: General, Hierarchy and Tax. Each tab allows you to edit certain details of the category.

The General tab allows you to edit the name of the category, any notes you entered when you created the category, the Last check number, and the state of the Cost Center assignment required checkbox. The Type, Currency, and Price entry cannot be changed from their initial values.

The Hierarchy tab allows you to change the parent category by clicking on another category in this view of the category hierarchy. In an earlier version of KMyMoney it was possible to change the parent of a category by dragging and dropping. This functionality is expected to return in a future version of the application.

The Tax tab allows you to assign or change VAT details, or to alter the automatic VAT assignment. It also allows the ability to toggle whether or not the category is included in tax related reports.