Chapter 7. CMake, the KDE build system

Table of Contents

Introduction to CMake

Introduction to CMake

In March 2006, the CMake program beat out several competitors and was selected to be the build system for KDE 4, replacing the autotools-based system that KDE had used from the beginning.

A introduction to CMake page is available on the KDE Community Wiki. Basically, instead of running make -f Makefile.cvs, then configure, then Make, we simply run CMake and then Make.

kdesrc-build has support for CMake. A few features of kdesrc-build were really features of the underlying buildsystem, including configure-flags and do-not-compile. When equivalent features are available, they are provided. For instance, the equivalent to the configure-flags option is cmake-options, and the do-not-compile option is also supported for CMake as of kdesrc-build version 1.6.3.