kdesrc-build Script Manual

Michael Pyne

Carlos Woelz

Revision kdesrc-build 17.12 (2018-01-20)

kdesrc-build is a script which builds and installs KDE software directly from the KDE project's source code repositories.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
A brief introduction to kdesrc-build
What is kdesrc-build?
kdesrc-build operation in a nutshell
Documentation Overview
2. Getting Started
Preparing the System to Build KDE
Setup a new user account
Ensure your system is ready to build KDE software
Setup kdesrc-build
Setting the Configuration Data
Using the kdesrc-build script
Loading project metadata
Previewing what will happen when kdesrc-build runs
Resolving build failures
Building specific modules
Setting the Environment to Run Your KDE Plasma™ Desktop
Automatically installing a login driver
Setting up the environment manually
Module Organization and selection
KDE Software Organization
Selecting modules to build
Module Sets
The official KDE module database
Filtering out KDE project modules
Getting Started Conclusion
3. Script Features
Feature Overview
kdesrc-build's build logging
Logging overview
4. Configuring kdesrc-build
Overview of kdesrc-build configuration
Layout of the configuration file
Including other configuration files
Commonly used configuration options
Table of available configuration options
5. Command Line Options and Environment Variables
Command Line Usage
Commonly used command line options
Specifying modules to build
Supported Environment Variables
Supported command-line parameters
6. Using kdesrc-build
Basic kdesrc-build features
qt support
Standard flags added by kdesrc-build
Changing kdesrc-build's build priority
Installation as the superuser
Showing the progress of a module build
Advanced features
Partially building a module
Branching and tagging support for kdesrc-build
Stopping the build early
How kdesrc-build tries to ensure a successful build
Changing environment variable settings
Resuming builds
Changing options from the command line
Features for KDE developers
SSH Agent checks
Other kdesrc-build features
Changing the amount of output from kdesrc-build
Color output
Removing unneeded directories after a build
7. CMake, the KDE build system
Introduction to CMake
8. Credits And License
A. KDE modules and source code organization
The Module
Individual modules
Groups of related modules
Module branch groups
B. Superseded profile setup procedures
Setting up a KDE login profile
Changing your startup profile settings
Starting KDE

List of Tables

4.1. Table of Options