The Television Menu

TelevisionChannels (C)

A settings panel will appear for set the channels corresponding to your area. See Digital TV channel setup section for more details.

TelevisionProgram Guide (G)

A window will appear for manage the program guide. See Program Guide section for more details.

TelevisionOSD (O)

Show the on screen display infobox on the playback window during three seconds with program guide information on the current and next program. Double-clicking on it to see extended information about the current program, and then click again to remove this infobox. See Wikipedia article for more details.

TelevisionRecording Schedule (R)

A window will appear for manage the recording(s) scheduled. See Recording Schedule section for more details.

TelevisionInstant Record

With a check box to verify your selection. Start instantly recording of the stream that is being played.

TelevisionConfigure Television...

A window will appear for setting the parameters that manage the DVB device(s). See Digital TV configuration section for more details.