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This top-level menu contains options to adjust the layout of Amarok, and a checkbox to lock the configuration; use this to prevent any accidental changes to the Amarok window layout.

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View Menu

Changing the Amarok Toolbar

There are also two radio buttons in this menu, which are used to choose which Toolbar Amarok will use. The Main Toolbar has a larger height and slightly different controls than the Slim Toolbar. The Main Toolbar contains two main control buttons: a Play / Pause button and a button for controlling the volume. It also displays the name of the current media file and a slider for showing, as well as changing, the position of playback. More about the Toolbar.

The Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar

The Slim Toolbar

The Slim Toolbar

Amarok Window Layouts

If the Lock Layout button is unchecked, the Media Sources, Context and Playlist tabs can be toggled and many layouts can be created as shown below:

Playlist Menu

This is a top-level drop down menu where can configure your Playlist. From here you can add more tracks, streaming radio channels, and clean your playlist.

Menu Items

The Amarok Playlist Menu

The Amarok Playlist Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionShortcut

Add Media...

Opens a media file to be played in Amarok


Add Stream...

Choose different streaming radio channels using the URL bar, by pasting or typing the link


Export Playlist As...

Save your favorite playlists in various formats - mp3 streaming, Shoutcast, xspf



Go one step backward



Click Redo to do the last step over again


Clear PlayList

Cleans the current playlist


Remove Duplicates

Removes duplicate entries in the playlist


Playlist Layouts

Changes the visual style of the Playlist


Edit Queue

Allows you to change the order of your queue


Playlist Layouts

From PlaylistPlaylist Layouts switch between different layouts with radio buttons, and configure your personal Playlist layout.


PlaylistPlaylist LayoutsDefault

No Grouping

PlaylistPlaylist LayoutsNo Grouping

No Grouping (Single line)

PlaylistPlaylist LayoutsNo Grouping(Single line)


PlaylistPlaylist LayoutsVerbose

Configure playlist layout...

PlaylistPlaylist LayoutsConfigure playlist layout...

This option allows you to make your own Playlist layout; display Artist, Genre, Year, BPM and so forth.

Make your own layout

Make your own layout

Tools Menu

From this menu you can use additional tools and scripts.

The Tools Menu

The Tools Menu

Menu ItemDescription

Bookmark Manager

Allows you to save bookmarks of various types.

Cover Manager

Allows you to view album covers and fetch missing ones.


Shows the equalizer.

Network Request Viewer

Shows the Network Requests Viewer.

Update Collection

Checks the tracks in your collection and updates the database.

Synchronize Statistics..

Opens the Statistics Synchronization dialog.

Bookmark Manager

The bookmark manager allows you to bookmark different kinds of things to recall them later. You can also create folders to organize your collection of bookmarks. The search box provides a convenient way to find bookmarks. The context menu offers the possibility to Load and Delete the bookmark.

Menu ItemDescription

Bookmark Context View Applets

Saves the currently used view applets.

Bookmark Media Source View

Saves the current view of the media source tree.

Bookmark Playlist Setup

Saves the current playlist setup.

Bookmark Track Position

Saves the position in the current track.

Cover Manager

Shows all albums in your collection. Here you can set custom album covers and fetch missing ones. More about the Cover Manager, shown below.


Provides the possibility to configure sound settings. You can choose between manually adjusting the settings and using templates. Right now, the Phonon GStreamer is required for a functional equalizer.

Network Requests Viewer

The Network Requests Viewer allows you to monitor the network requests made by Amarok. Selecting this option will open this window:

Update Collection

Checks the files in the folders you defined as your collection. New files will be added and missing ones removed from the left pane.

Synchronize Statistics

This option allows you to synchronize statistics of your various collections. This is a new feature in Amarok since version 2.7 For more information, see also Statistics Synchronization Between Collections and with in the handbook.

Settings Menu

Here is where you change settings and configure Amarok.

The Amarok Settings Menu

The Amarok Settings Menu

Menu ItemDescription

Show Menubar

Hide the menu bar. Show it again by pressing Ctrl+M

Replay Gain Mode

Allows you to set the Replay Gain mode; Off, by Track, or by Album

Configure Shortcuts...

Allows you to make custom keyboard shortcuts

Configure Amarok...

Configure General options, Internet Services, Playback, Notifications, and Database

Show Menubar

Clicking this option will hide the menu bar.

The only way to show the menu bar again is by pressing Ctrl+M, because you can't de-select the menu option when no menu bar is shown. More about the Menus in the Menubar.

Replay Gain Mode

The replay gain mode will change the volume depending on meta information of the track. More about replay gain: Wikipedia entry for replay gain.

You can switch the replay gain mechanism off, use a track-based or the album-based replay gain.

Configure Shortcuts...

Change and define new keyboard shortcuts, or turn on multimedia keys if your keyboard has them. More about Shortcuts.

Configure Amarok...

Configure Amarok

Configure Amarok

Configure many aspects of Amarok. Details in Configuring Amarok.

Help Menu

Important information about Amarok and KDE.

The Amarok help menu

The Amarok help menu

Menu ItemDescription

Report Bug...

Report bugs to the bug tracker directly, with much of your information automatically supplied to the database form.

Amarok Handbook

This Handbook in Docbook format.

Send a Comment to the Developers

Send a brief comment to Amarok developers. Do NOT use to send bug reports.

Show Feedback Icons

Check to show feedback icons on every Amarok screen and sub-menu.

Switch Application Language...

Change Amarok menus and label language or back-up language.

About Amarok

Amarok version, web site, contributors and donors.


Displays complete information necessary for filing good bug reports, such as Amarok Version, KDE, Qt, Phonon, and Phonon Backend versions, and whether or not PulseAudio is installed, as well as what Amarok Scripts are installed, and whether or not they are running. There is a button on the bottom to copy the information to the clipboard.

About KDE

Information about KDE, and links to join and support KDE.