The Touch tab allows to set further properties for the touch part of the tablet (if available). It is possible to disable the touch feature via the Enable Touch check box. Also a global shortcut exist that allows to enable/disable the touch feature.

Touch Tracking Mode

  • Map to Screen : This mode maps the touch cursor with absolute movement to the tablet. The edges of the tablet represent directly the space of the screen.

  • Map to Cursor : This mode maps the touch cursor with relative movement to the tablet.


If Enable Gestures is enabled, the tablet can generate gesture events for the touch device.

  • Scroll Distance : Allows to scroll through windows when two fingers are placed on the tablet, moving them up/down creates a scroll event. The Distance is given in tablet units.

  • Zoom Distance : Allows to zoom in/out by moving two fingers together or apart from each other. The Distance is given in tablet units.

  • Tap Time : This time in milliseconds specifies when a double tap on the device is recognized as right-click

Touch Mapping

This mapping allows to specify the proportions of the touch device that will be used for each screen. This is necessary to keep the tablet area proportional to the used screen space in absolute stylus tracking mode. For more information check the Area Selection Dialog section.


This option does not work for relative cursor mode.