The Tablet tab allows to set further properties of the tablet area when used together with a pen. In here the orientation of the tablet area, valid space of the used tablet and the cursor tracking mode can be specified.

Stylus Tracking Mode

  • Map to Screen : This mode maps the pen cursor with absolute movement to the tablet. The edges of the tablet represent directly the space of the screen.

  • Map to Cursor : This mode maps the pen cursor with relative movement to the tablet.


The orientation box specifies how the tablet area is rotated. You can set a specific rotation on your own in the combobox or if you enable the Auto-Rotate with Screen option, the tablet will automatically rotated together with the screen. This is done by listening to the xrandr events when the screen is rotated.

If you have problems with the autorotation option and the tablet is always rotated into the wrong direction, enable the Invert Auto-Rotation option to invert this.

Tablet Mapping

This mapping allows to specify the proportions of the tablet that will be used for each screen. This is necessary to keep the tablet area proportional to the used screen space in absolute stylus tracking mode. For more information check the Area Selection Dialog section.


This option does not work for relative cursor mode.