The Shares Menu

SharesView Modes

Choose the view mode from the submenu.

SharesView ModesIcon View

The shares are shown in an icon view.

SharesView ModesList View

The shares are shown in a list view.

SharesUnmount (Ctrl+U)

Unmount one or multiple selected shares. The ability to unmount shares is by default restricted to the ones that are owned by the user. However, you can change this behavior by changing the settings in the configuration dialog. If no share is selected in the shares view, this button is disabled.

Smb4K provides the ability to force unmounting of shares (Linux® only). This can be useful for inaccessible shares that cannot be unmounted in the normal way. To enable this feature, you need to modify the settings in the configuration dialog.

Read the Unmounting Shares section for more details.

SharesUnmount All (Ctrl+N)

Unmount all shares at once. The restrictions noted above also apply here. If you do not have any shares mounted, this button is disabled.

SharesAdd Bookmark

Add a bookmark to the currently selected mounted share. This action is disabled if no share is selected. Read the Adding Bookmarks section for more details.

SharesAdd Custom Settings (Ctrl+C)

Open the Custom Settings editor. You can set several custom settings for the selected share. Read the Adding Custom Settings section for more details.

SharesSynchronize (Ctrl+Y)

Start the synchronization of a share with a local copy or vice versa. This menu entry is only enabled if you installed the program rsync(1) and a share is selected.

SharesOpen with Konsole (Ctrl+L)

Open the base folder of the selected share in Konsole.

SharesOpen with File Manager (Ctrl+I)

Open the contents of the selected share in the default file manager (e.g. Dolphin).