Chapter 6. Interface Overview

The following are Palapeli's menu items, some of which are also available as action icons in the toolbar and keyboard shortcuts.

GameCreate New Puzzle... (Ctrl+N)

Opens a dialog which allows you to create a puzzle from an image on your disk. See the corresponding section for details and also special concerns, if you are going to create a puzzle with 300 or more pieces.

GameImport from File...

When you have received a Palapeli puzzle file (which can usually be recognized by the file extension .puzzle), you can use this action to import it into your local collection. Puzzle files can also be played by simply clicking on them in the file manager of your choice, but after the import, the puzzle will appear in your local collection, and you can safely delete the downloaded puzzle file.

GameExport to File...

This will export the currently selected puzzles to files, in order to enable you to give them to your friends, publish them on the web, or make backup copies of your collection.

GameDelete Puzzle

Any puzzles that you have selected in the puzzle list, will be permanently deleted from your collection.


This action cannot be undone.

GameRestart Puzzle...

Re-shuffle all the pieces and discard the saved progress for the current puzzle.

GameQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quit the Palapeli.

MoveCreate Piece Holder... (C)

Create a temporary holder for storing or sorting pieces. See Using piece-holders for details of how to use a holder.

MoveDelete Piece Holder (D)

Delete a selected temporary holder when it is empty.

MoveSelect All in Holder (A)

Select all pieces in the currently selected piece-holder (outlined in blue).

MoveRearrange Pieces (R)

Rearrange selected pieces in any holder or the puzzle table by packing them into a grid.

ViewBack to Collection

Go back to the collection to choose another puzzle. Can be used only when you are solving a puzzle.


Toggle the display of the completed puzzle preview image. Hover it with the mouse pointer to zoom in the image.

ViewZoom In (Ctrl++)

Increase the scale.

ViewZoom Out (Ctrl+-)

Decrease the scale.

SettingsEnable All Messages

Allows you to enable all messages disabled by checking the Do not show this message again option in the Palapeli confirmation dialogs.

SettingsShow Statusbar of Puzzle Table

Toggle the display of the progress bar and buttons below the puzzle table. This action will change nothing in the puzzle collection.

SettingsConfigure Palapeli...

Open a game configuration dialog. See Game Configuration section for more details.

Additionally Palapeli has the common KDE Settings and Help menu items, for more information read the sections about the Settings Menu and Help Menu of the KDE Fundamentals.