Chapter 3. Creating new puzzles

The puzzle creation dialog

As described in the previous section, you can create new puzzles by clicking on the Create New Puzzle... action icon in the puzzle collection window.

Clicking this action icon opens the puzzle creation dialog, which consists of three pages:

  1. On the first page, select an image file which will be sliced into pieces. Be sure to enter the correct metadata for the image: You should give attribution to the author of the image (e.g. the photographer or the painter); please respect the copyright of the image author.

  2. On the second page, you can select the type of pieces into which the image will be sliced. Palapeli comes with a collection of slicers preinstalled, but third-party slicers may also be available.

  3. On the final page of the dialog, the selected slicer can be customized e.g. by choosing a different piece count or by adjusting parameters of the piece shape. The available set of options depends which slicer has been selected.

This manual will continue to discuss the slicers which come with Palapeli. If you have downloaded a third-party slicer plugin for Palapeli, please refer to the documentation of this plugin if you have trouble installing or using it on your system.