Chapter 7. Game Configuration

To open the configuration dialog, use the menu item: SettingsConfigure Palapeli...

General settings

Puzzle table

Lets you choose some parameters of the puzzle table.


Lets you choose another background texture for the puzzle table. If you choose a single color instead of a texture, the button besides the selection box can be used to define the color.

Color for highlighting selected pieces:

Lets you choose the highlighting color of pieces when they are selected. Click on the button to the right of the label to open the Color Selector window.

Space for solution:

Lets you choose where to reserve some space on the puzzle table for building the solution. No space is provided if you select option None or the puzzle has less than 20 pieces. Changes will take effect when a puzzle is created or re-started.

Spacing of pieces in puzzle grids (1.0-1.5):

Lets you choose the spacing in puzzle grids. Changes in the overall puzzle spacing will take effect only when a puzzle is created or re-started.

Piece appearance

Controls the appearance of pieces on the puzzle table. If Palapeli is running slowly or puzzles take a long time to open, you can disable the graphical effects in this category and speed up everything. If you choose shadowing, highlighting is implemented by changing the color of the shadow.

Snapping precision

Lets you choose how closely neighboring pieces must be positioned before they snap together. If you move the slider to the right, pieces will snap together even if they are not so close. This makes the game a bit easier to play.