Chapter 2. Browsing the puzzle collection

Playing puzzles and updating the collection

When you launch Palapeli for the first time, your puzzle collection already contains some sample puzzles that come with Palapeli. Click on one of them to start playing immediately. Later, when you have created some of your own puzzles (see below), you can also click on them to start playing.

Play takes place on the puzzle table; see the section after next for how to use the puzzle table.


You can select and highlight puzzles in the puzzle list by hold the Ctrl key and click with the left mouse button. Pressing the left mouse button or right mouse button without the Ctrl key opens that puzzle for playing in the puzzle table.

On macOS® you need to double-click with the left mouse button to begin playing. A single click will just select and highlight one entry in the puzzle list.

As well as playing a puzzle, you can use the puzzle collection for the following actions:

  • create new puzzles from images on your disk

  • import puzzles made by others

  • export puzzles to share them with your friends and the world

  • delete puzzles you do not need any more

The following section shows how to perform these tasks with the action icons in the toolbar.