The File Properties Dialog

The pattern size can be defined in units of stitches, centimeters or inches. The width and height values will updated automatically to the equivalent size in the new unit type if the units type is changed.

The cloth count is defined in units per centimeter or inches and is dependent on the units of size. i.e. if CM is selected for the units then cloth count will be in units per centimeter, similarly for inches. If the Units is changed to Stitches then the cloth count units will remain as the last CM or inches value.

The Title, Author, Copyright and Fabric fields are free text, so you can enter anything you like here. The fabric color can be set by pressing the color button and selecting the required color. This will then be shown in the editor and preview windows.

The floss scheme has a pick list for all the available floss schemes, including any that you have defined yourself.

The Instructions tab can be used to enter any specific instructions for sewing the pattern.