Choose the EditFind menu item or press the Ctrl+F shortcut to find events, to-dos, or journal entries by their to summaries, descriptions, and/or tags. The find action will only search the specified fields.


You can use wildcards if you do not remember the exact summary. If you do not know a single character of the summary, put ? instead of the missing character. If you do not know more characters, use *. For instance if you know that the event or to-do has meeting in the beginning and product after, you would write meeting*product in the Find dialog. KOrganizer will locate entries like To-do: arrange meeting about the new product, Meeting to discuss the old product line and similar. Letter case is ignored.

The result of the Find operation is a list of events, journal entries and/or to-dos with the specified keyword. The search list characteristics are the same as the List View.

This resulting list is active. You can double-click a line to display or edit the event or to-do details. Get more information about these details in the section called “Events” and the section called “To-dos”.