The To-do List is a place for you to write down notes to yourself about things that you need to do. To-dos are tasks, that may or may not be scheduled. There are short-term and long-term to-dos. For instance you should go to a hairdresser within a week, and you should sell your old car within a year. You likely do not want a reminder go off at a particular time, you just want to have a list of things that you must do, and dates when they must be finished at the latest (date due).

To enter a new to-do, choose ActionsNew To-do.... A window with five tabs at the bottom will appear.

General Tab

A screenshot of KOrganizer's Edit To-do dialog

A screenshot of KOrganizer's Edit To-do dialog

This tab shares a lot of options with the Edit Events dialog, but has some additional items for to-dos:


This is a percent completed pull down menu initially set at 0% complete. Later on, you can indicate your progress by adjusting the percent completed in steps of 10%.


Assign a priority to your to-do. This drop down menu offers priorities from one to nine, one being the highest. Initially to-dos are set to priority five (medium).