To help you view, find and export your data, you can create and use filters for your calendars. For instance, if you do not want to view completed to-dos, you can filter them out, instead of purging them. If you assign tags, you can use them to create filters.

To create, delete and edit filters, choose the SettingsManage View Filters... menu item to open the Edit Calendar Filters dialog. Using this dialog, you can create, delete and edit filters that will affect which items will be displayed by KOrganizer.

The ViewFilter submenu and the filter toolbar drop down offer access to all available filters created using the Edit Calendar Filters dialog. To toggle the display of the filters toolbar on and off, choose the SettingsToolbars ShownFilters Toolbar. If you do not want to use any filter, choose No filter.

Filters are useful when exporting your calendar. If you use a filter, only the filtered (visible) items will be exported. Also, filters are more effective when the items are already classified and organized in tags, as you can easily create filters based on tags.