Chapter 2. Five-minute Fly-over Course of KOrganizer

(for the experienced and for the impatient)

Pressed for time? Let's get you kick-started with a fast, hands-on overview of KOrganizer!

If you ever worked with a personal information program before, you'll be right at home with KOrganizer. You can enter new events, reschedule existing events, assign tags to your events, devise new tags, enter and modify lists of attendees and their roles, email event invitations automatically and exchange data with other KOrganizer calendars, create to-dos and write journal entries.

This course assumes that you know how to work with the KDE, and that you prefer to explore on your own. Only the basic functions of KOrganizer are covered here.

Entering Events

  1. Click the Agenda toolbar button or choose the ViewAgenda menu item. This will bring up the Agenda View .

  2. Click on the desired date in the Date Navigator.

  3. Select the text area beside the desired hour in the main panel that reflects the time of the event. Double click this area, or just start typing a summary of the event to open the New Event dialog.

  4. Enter event details. Use the six tabs at the bottom of the window to move around the dialog and access all the event's characteristics.

  5. Press OK to save the event.