Calendar Widget

A tool for choosing the date inside certain entry windows, such as the event editing window. It is displayed as a small button to the right of the date field. When you click the button, you will see a month calendar. Use the arrows to go to a desired date, or click the month name or year number to go directly to the desired month or year.

Date Navigator

The calendar that is in the upper-left corner of the KOrganizer window. It is the main way provided to navigate among dates, and to select from them. The single-arrow icons move forwards and backwards in time by increments of a month, while the double-arrows allow moving by a year at a time. Today's date will be outlined with a small box. Dates which have events scheduled on them will be bold. If you want to select a date, simply click it. Hold down the Ctrl key and click the dates if you wish to select multiple neighboring dates at once. The dates will be displayed in the main panel.

Recurring events are not always displayed. You can prevent the display of recurring appointments in the Date Navigator. Get more information in the Views chapter.

Due Date

A due date is simply the date when your to-do must be finished. For instance, if your to-do is that you must return your books to the library by 16th November, that date is called the to-do due date

Main panel

Normally the largest part of the screen, to the right of the Date Navigator. It displays the View of the Day, Workdays, Week or Month, the List View or the To-do List view.

The right mouse button can be used in the List view and To-do List view only. It displays a local menu. The left mouse button can be used in any view.


The free/busy information is a set of busy time intervals. By presenting the intervals when one already has previous commitments, others can avoid arranging appointments for these periods. Note that only the times are published, not the event titles, descriptions or attendees. In other words, the free/busy information is the availability schedule.

When adding attendees to your event, you need to know if they are busy or free at that particular time before sending the invitations. If the attendees make their free/busy information available, KOrganizer can retrieve this information and display it in the Free/Busy tab of the Edit Event dialog.