Mouse Buttons

This section details the use of the mouse buttons for the common right handed mouse button order. For the left handed mouse button order, swap left and right in the text below.


All left mouse button clicks will be sent to a mouse-aware application running in Konsole. If an application will react on mouse clicks, Konsole indicates this by showing an arrow cursor. If not, an I-beam (bar) cursor is shown.

Holding the left mouse button down and dragging the mouse over the screen with a mouse-unaware application running will mark a region of the text. While dragging the mouse, the marked text is displayed in reversed color for visual feedback. Select Copy from the Edit menu to copy the marked text to the clipboard for further use within Konsole or another application. The selected text can also be dragged and dropped into compatible applications. Hold the Ctrl key and drag the selected text to the desired location.

Normally, new-line characters are inserted at the end of each line selected. This is best for cut and paste of source code, or the output of a particular command. For ordinary text, the line breaks are often not important. One might prefer, however, for the text to be a stream of characters that will be automatically re-formatted when pasted into another application. To select in text-stream mode, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting normally.

Pressing the Ctrl and Alt keys along with the left mouse button will select text in columns.

Double-click with the left mouse button to select a word; triple-click to select an entire line.

If the upper or lower edge of the text area is touched while marking, Konsole scrolls up or down, eventually exposing text within the history buffer. The scrolling stops when the mouse stops moving.

After the mouse is released, Konsole attempts to keep the text in the clipboard visible by holding the marked area reversed. The marked area reverts back to normal as soon as the contents of the clipboard change, the text within the marked area is altered or the left mouse button is clicked.

To mark text in a mouse-aware application (Midnight Commander, for example) the Shift key has to be pressed when clicking.


Pressing the middle mouse button pastes text currently in the clipboard. Holding down the Ctrl key as you press the middle mouse button pastes the text and appends a new-line. That is convenient for executing pasted command quickly, but it can be dangerous so use it with caution.


If you have a mouse with only two buttons, pressing both the left mouse button and right mouse button together emulates the middle mouse button of a three button mouse.

If you have a wheel as the middle button, rolling it in a mouse-unaware program will move Konsole's scrollbar.


These items appear in the menu when the right mouse button is pressed:

  • Copy

  • Paste

  • With a text selection a submenu Search for with a list of the preferred Web Shortcuts and an option to configure web shortcuts.

  • Open File Manager

  • Set Encoding

  • Clear Scrollback

  • Adjust Scrollback...

  • Show Menu Bar, only when the menubar is hidden

  • Switch Profile

  • Edit Current Profile...

  • Close Tab

In a mouse aware application, press the Shift key along with the right mouse button to get the popup menu.