Chapter 3. Command-line Options

When Konsole is started from the command line, various options can be specified to modify its behavior.


List various options.

--profile file

Start Konsole using the specified profile instead of the default profile.

--layout file

Start Konsole using a saved JSON layout file.


Use the built-in profile instead of the current default profile.

--workdir dir

Open with dir as the initial working directory.

--hold, --noclose

Do not close the initial session automatically when it ends.


Create a new tab in an existing window rather than creating a new window.

--tabs-from-file file

Create tabs as specified in the given tabs configuration file.


The file has one tab per line in the following format:

Each line specifies a tab to open using up to 4 fields specifying how it is to open. Fields are delimited with ;; and a field name must have a : appended. Empty lines or lines with # at the beginning are ignored, so you can use line beginning with # to add comments.

title: a name for this tab, tab default if blank or not specified
workdir: working directory, ~ if blank or not specified
profile: a Konsole profile to use, the default if blank or not specified
command: a command to run

Each line should contain at least one of command or profile field.

Example: title: %n;; command: /usr/bin/top ;; profile: Shell


Start Konsole in the background and bring to the front when Ctrl+Shift+F12 (by default) is pressed.

--separate, --nofork

Run the new instance of Konsole in a separate process.


Show the menubar, overriding the default behavior.


Hide the menubar, overriding the default behavior.


Show the tabbar, overriding the default behavior.


Hide the tabbar, overriding the default behavior.


Start Konsole in fullscreen mode.


Disable transparent backgrounds, even if the system supports them.


List all available profiles.


List all possible properties with name and type. See option -p.

For more information, please visit Konsole API Reference.

-p property=value

Change the value of a profile property.

-e command

Execute command instead of the normal shell.


This option will catch all following arguments passed to Konsole, and execute it as command. So this option should always be used as the last option.

Konsole also accepts generic Qt™ and KDE Frameworks5 options, see man pages qt5options and kf5options.