Chapter 3. Game Rules, Strategies and Tips

Here's in-depth description of Kolf's basic features.

Starting a Game

To start a game, choose the GameNew menu item. This opens a dialog where you can configure your new game.

Players Page

To add a player to your game, click the New Player button.

To change the name of the players, change the text in the text boxes.

To remove a player, click the Remove button next to the player's name.

Course Page

To choose the course that you want to play, click its entry in the list box on the left of this page. Kolf comes with many built-in courses that you can play.

To add a course that you have downloaded or made, click on the Add... button on the bottom of this page, and choose the course file in the file dialog.

Options Page

On this page you can choose whether or not this game will be played in Strict mode. In strict mode, there is no undo, moving holes, or editing of the course. This mode is generally for competition. Only in strict mode are high scores kept.