Putting Options

Kolf has a few ways to putt. The basic putting method is described above.

The mouse is enabled by default. This means that whenever the mouse is moved, the putter aligns to the line between the mouse and ball.

If you prefer to only use the keyboard and arrow keys, you can disable mouse putting by unchecking the SettingsEnable Mouse for Moving Putter menu item.

Advanced Putting

Advanced putting can be enabled by checking the SettingsEnable Advanced Putting menu item. This putting mode is slightly more challenging than the regular click-and-hold mode, and can be used with either the mouse or keyboard.

To putt in this mode:

  1. Click or press the Down arrow key once to begin the swing. The putting indicator will appear, and the strength gauge will start filling up with a color, which changes as the gauge fills up.

  2. Click or press the Down arrow key when the strength gauge has filled up the amount that you want. The farther around the circle the strength gauge has filled up, the stronger the putt will be. It takes practice to be able to get the correct strength on putts.

    After this, the color in the putting indicator will start to wind down back to where it started.

  3. Click or press the Down arrow key again when the strength-indicator is as close as possible to the center line of the putting indicator.

The closer the final click (or key press) is, the more true the putt is to the original line.