Chapter 8. Credits and License

Daniel Naber

David Rugge

Scarlett Clark

David Bryant

Revision 5.14.2 (Applications 20.04.2) (2021-09-10)

KMail: Copyright the KMail developers, 1997-2021

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

This documentation is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Program Development Team

These are the people who deserve the most credit for initially creating KMail and raising it from its birth in 1997 through its early childhood ca. 2005. They may be regarded as the parents of KMail. A handful of them are still contributing code and bug fixes to the project today.

  • Laurent Montel (montel at kde org): Maintainer

  • Ingo Klöcker (kloecker at kde org): Former maintainer, still active

  • Thomas McGuire (mcguire at kde org): Former maintainer

  • Don Sanders (sanders at kde org): Former co-maintainer

  • Stefan Taferner (taferner at kde org): Original author

  • Michael Häckel (haeckel at kde org): Former maintainer

  • Till Adam (till at adam-lilienthal de): Former core developer

  • Volker Krause (vkrause at adam-lilienthal de): Core developer

  • Carsten Burghardt (burghardt at kde org): Former core developer

  • Marc Mutz (mutz at kde org): Former core developer

  • Daniel Naber (daniel naber at t-online de): Documentation

  • Zack Rusin (zack at kde org): Former core developer

  • Toyohiro Asukai (toyohiro at ksmplus com): Support for the Japanese language

  • Waldo Bastian (bastian at kde org): Numerous technical corrections

  • Ryan Breen (ryan at ryanbreen com): System tray notification

  • Steven Brown (swbrown at ucsd edu): Patch for PGP

  • Matthias Kalle Dalheimer (kalle at kde org): Crypto support

  • Matt Douhan (matt at fruitsalad org): Improved internal program documentation

  • Cristi Dumitrescu (cristid at chip ro)

  • David Faure (faure at kde org): Major contributor, still active

  • Philippe Fremy (pfremy at chez com)

  • Kurt Granroth (granroth at kde org): Added maildir support

  • Andreas Gungl (a gungl at gmx de): PGP 6 support and further enhancements of the encryption support

  • Steffen Hansen (hansen at kde org)

  • Igor Janssen (rm at linux ru net)

  • Matt Johnston (matt at caifex org)

  • Christer Kaivo-oja (whizkid at telia com)

  • Lars Knoll (knoll at kde org): Original encryption support, PGP 2 and PGP 5 support

  • J. Nick Koston (bdraco at darkorb net): GnuPG support

  • Stephan Kulow (coolo at kde org): Major contributor

  • Guillaume Laurent (glaurent at telegraph-road org)

  • Sam Magnuson (sam at trolltech com)

  • Matt Newell (newellm at proaxis com)

  • Denis Perchine (dyp at perchine com)

  • Samuel Penn (sam at bifrost demon co uk)

  • Carsten Pfeiffer (pfeiffer at kde org): Various and sundry bug fixes

  • Sven Radej (radej at kde org): Improved asynchronous processes

  • Mark Roberts (mark at taurine demon co uk)

  • Wolfgang Rohdewald (wrohdewald at dplanet ch)

  • Espen Sand (espen at kde org): Enhanced configuration dialogs

  • Aaron J. Seigo (aseigo at olympusproject org): Technical fixes; notes/calendar integration

  • George Staikos (staikos at kde org): Improve efficiency and consistency of code

  • Szymon Stefanek (pragma at kvirc net): New message list and new folder tree

  • Jason Stephenson (panda at mis net)

  • Jacek Stolarczyk (jacek at mer chemia polsl gliwice pl)

  • Roberto S. Teixeira (maragato at kde org)

  • Bo Thorsen (bo at sonofthor dk): Many valuable contributions

  • Ronen Tzur (rtzur at shani net)

  • Mario Weilguni (mweilguni at sime com)

  • Wynn Wilkes (wynnw at calderasystems com)

  • Robert D. Williams (rwilliams at kde org)

  • Markus Wübben (markus wuebben at kde org): Killed lots of bugs

  • Karl-Heinz Zimmer (khz at kde org): Major contributor