Update for KMail 5.14.2 by David Bryant .

Update for KMail 4.11 by Laurent Montel and Scarlett Clark .

Update for KMail 1.7 by Ingo Klöcker and Marc Mutz . Anti-Spam Wizard chapter by Andreas Gungl . Section about filter log by Andreas Gungl and Brad Hards . Additional changes by Daniel Naber .

Update for KMail 1.2 to 1.5 by Daniel Naber , OpenPGP chapter by Andreas Gungl and Ingo Klöcker , message filter chapter by Marc Mutz , and download filter chapter by Thorsten Zachmann . Other parts have been contributed by various KMail developers.

KMail 1.0 documentation by David Rugge . Original documentation by Bernd Johannes Wuebben , Robert Williams (Editor).

Thanks to Michael Elkins for his excellent description of the different UNIX® mail formats in the Mutt documentation.

Thanks to the following people for providing directions on using other email client mailboxes with KMail:

  • Nik Gaffney (Mailsmith)

  • David McMillen and Mendel Mobach (Netscape® mail)

  • Ed Shapard (Pegasus Mail)

  • Ray Muir (Forte Agent)