Chapter 3. Game Rules, Strategies and Tips

Game Rules

  • After each player’s move the game will add three more marbles to the board.

  • To free up the space on the board player has to group the marbles of the same color into an uninterrupted horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line by five or more.

  • To initiate the move, simply click on the source marble to select it, then click on the destination square to complete the move.

  • A marble can only be moved into the squares that are vacant and not occupied by any other marble.

  • In the same way, the square in question must be freely accessible.

  • The square is freely accessible when there are no other marbles blocking the path to it.

  • The path is considered blocked if any part of it is currently being occupied by a marble.


In Kolor Lines, the path is automatically calculated by the game. If there is no possible (open) route to the destination cell, a friendly notification will be displayed.

  • In order to successfully transfer a marble to a desired cell where the path is blocked to, player has to clear the path first.

  • To clear the path the player simply has to move all the blocking marbles out of the way, therefore freeing the route.

  • The scores are awarded for each line of marbles removed off the game board.


If you are playing with Show Next feature enabled the increase in score is less than if Show Next feature is disabled.