Strategies and Tips

  • Keep a close look on the bar showing the next three marbles to be dropped onto the field (unless Show Next feature is disabled). More often then not you will appreciate the information if provides.

  • Try to keep at least a half of the game board cleared. Letting the marbles to pile up will almost certainly lead to a loss.

  • To make your game easier, always keep more than one line of the same marbles ready for remove. This can be achieved by building the consecutive lines of the same marbles everywhere possible, instead of concentrating on one line at a time.

  • Try to keep more than three almost completed lines existing on the game board at all times. Almost completed means that they are four same marbles in length, and only one marble remains until their completion.


If you have an almost completed line and the pathway to it suddenly becomes blocked with another marble, don’t just move that marble. Try to find a sequence of the marbles of the same kind that you can continue with the moved marble. If such sequence exists and is accessible – then move the blocking marble there.