Levels 3 and 4

KLettres level3

Here you can see KLettres level 3, grown-up mode, Savannah theme and Czech language.

In level 3, the user sees the syllable and hears the sound. He then has to type in the letters in the box. If the first letter of the sound is wrong, the user cannot type in the second one. The letter disappears and he has to try again. The number of letters is two or three, it depends of the language.

KLettres level4

Here you can see KLettres level 4, kid mode, Desert theme and Slovak language.

The sounds appear in random order.

Clicking in the level combo-box or using the Level menu in the menubar and choosing Level 4 brings you to level 4. In that level, the user only hears the sound of the syllable and has to type in the letters. This level is quite difficult for a young child.