Chapter 3. The JuK Toolbar

The Main Toolbar

The JuK toolbar.

The JuK toolbar.

From left to right in the screenshot above, the icons on the default toolbar are:


Create a new playlist. If you hold down the button, a menu will pop up allowing you to select the different kinds of playlists to create.

Empty Playlist...

This prompts you for a playlist name, and then inserts it into the Playlist view. The playlist starts out completely empty.

Playlist From Folder...

This prompts you for a folder to open, and then creates a playlist containing the music within the folder and any sub-folders. The name of the created playlist is the same as the name of the selected folder.

Search Playlist...

This brings up the Advanced Search Dialog, allowing you to create a virtual playlist. Any songs in your Collection List that match the search criteria that you specify in the Advanced Search Dialog will be added to the new playlist. As your Collection List changes, the new playlist will as well. For example, if you create a playlist of all of your Depeche Mode songs, and then add another Depeche Mode song to your Collection List, it will show up in the Depeche Mode playlist with no special action required on your part.


Add a file to the collection list (if it's active) or to the currently selected playlist. Adding a file to a playlist will add it to the collection list automatically, but not vice versa.


Save the currently selected playlist. To save a tag you have edited, either select another item, or press Ctrl+T instead.


If a playlist or song is selected, cut (remove) it from the list. If the tag editor is active, this works like cut in any editor, removing the selected text, but keeping a copy on the clipboard.


If the tag editor is active, this works like copy in any editor, placing a copy of the selected text on the clipboard.

If you use copy on a song in the collection list, the url is placed on the clipboard, so you can paste it. For example, you could paste the url into a text editor, Konqueror, or another playlist.


If you previously either cut or copied a url from the collection list, you can paste the url back into a new playlist. You could also paste a url you have copied from Konqueror or any other application. If you are operating in the tag editor, paste will paste any text currently on the clipboard into the selected field.

Show Search Bar

Show or hide the search bar.

Show Tag Editor

Show or hide the tag editor.

Play controls

These work like any standard media player you may have come across. The controls are Play, Pause, Stop, Previous and Next.

There is also a tracking bar, showing how far along (relatively) in the current song you are. You can drag this slider with the mouse in order to skip forwards or backwards within a track.

Finally there is a volume slider. As you may expect, this raises and lowers the volume. Loud is on the right, and Quiet is on the left.