The Tag Guesser Configuration dialog

Screenshot of the Tag Guesser Configuration dialog.

The Tag Guesser Configuration dialog is used to configure the Guess from File Name action.

In the dialog you will see a list on the left of different filename scheme patterns. JuK includes an extensive set of defaults patterns to match most common filenaming styles. If you'd like to add a new scheme, click on the Add button, and type in your scheme and click on OK.

Here you can see the currently configured file name schemes which the tag editor uses to extract tag information from a file name. Each string may contain one of the following placeholders:

  • %t: Title

  • %A: Album

  • %a: Artist

  • %T: Track

  • %c: Comment

For example, the file name scheme [%T] %a - %t would match [01] Deep Purple - Smoke on the water but not (Deep Purple) Smoke on the water. For that second name, you would use the scheme (%a) %t.

JuK will try the schemes you have listed one at a time, starting at the top of the list. The first scheme which results in a match will be the scheme used to guess the song's tags. Some songs may match more than one scheme. You can make sure that the correct scheme matches first by selecting the scheme in the list box and then using the arrow buttons to move it to the top of the list.

You can also edit or remove a scheme from the list. Just select the scheme in the list, and use the Modify button to change the scheme, or the Remove button to remove the scheme from the list.