Chapter 3. Game Rules, Strategies and Tips

The Items

The Arena

The players are in an arena which consists of:

Arena Wall The Wall – this defines the outline of the arena map and cannot be destroyed.

Arena Ground The Ground – this can be walked on safely.

Arena Ice The Ice – this will make the ground slippery. The speed increases on the ice and it is not possible to completly stop moving.

Arena Block The Block – this can be destroyed with a bomb, and may contain a bonus (or a handicap).

Arena Bomb Mortar The Bomb Mortar – this will throw bombs that are placed on it to random places.

Arena Arrow Right The Arrows – this will move the bombs that are placed on it to the direction they point.

If there is none of the above items, there is a hole at the ground and moving into it will result in falling into the deep and die. The same applies also if there is no wall at the edge of the arena and the player moves outside of the arena.

The Bonuses

Bonuses are helpful for reaching the game goal and effects exists permanent - even after a handicap disappears. Currently there are following bonuses:

Bonus Speed Speed – increases your speed slightly.

Bonus Bomb Bomb – adds an extra bomb to your arsenal, allowing you to lay more than one bomb at a time.

Bonus Power Power – increases the power of your bombs, extending their bomb blast range.

Bonus Shield Shield – makes invincible for one bomb blast.

Bonus Throw Throw – adds the ability to throw bombs. Just press the key for laying bombs while a bomb is below you.

Bonus Kick Kick – adds the ability to move bombs. Just run against an bomb and the bomb will move.

The Handicaps

Handicaps are the opposite of bonuses and hinder the player. The good thing is that effects get lost after some time (other than bonuses) and the player can play in is usual behavior (including bonuses) again. Currently there are following handicaps:

Handicap Slow Slow – makes you move very slowly.

Handicap Hyperactive Hyperactive – makes you move a little TOO fast.

Handicap Mirror Mirror – inverts your moving keys, so that up becomes down and left becomes right.

Handicap Scatty Scatty – forces you to continuously lay bombs without control.

Handicap Restrain Restrain – prevents you to lay bombs.

The ambivalent Items

This type of bonuses are neither good nor bad, it mostly depends on the environment. Currently there are following neutral bonuses:

Bonus Neutral Pandora Pandora – this contains either a bonus or a handicap.

Bonus Neutral Resurrect Resurrect – this will resurrect any dead player.