Chapter 2. How to play


Eliminate all Opponents.

Each player is provided with five keys that they use to move their character and lay bombs. For example, the default keys for Player 1 are the Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys to move respectively in those directions, and the Enter key to lay a bomb. Please refer to the Player Configuration Section to find shortcut keys for other players, as well as how to configure them.

The purpose of laying bombs, aside from attacking other opponents, is to destroy the many blocks scattered throughout the arena in order to clear a path or uncover hidden bonuses. Among the many bonuses that can be uncovered are those that make you move faster or increase your bomb blast range; the more bonuses of this type you collect, the easier it is to eliminate your opponents and win the round. But be warned that just as many handicaps exist that can turn the tide against you, including those that slow you down or invert your moving keys.

For each won round, the player is awarded a point. The first player to win a predefined number of points (the default is 3), wins the game!