Chapter 3. Command Reference

The main Trojitá window

The IMAP Menu

IMAPCompose Mail...

Opens a new message for editing

IMAPExpunge Mailbox (Ctrl+E)

Removes from the server any message already marked for deletion in the currently selected mailbox (folder).

Network AccessOffline

If selected, Trojitá will not fetch any new data (messages) from your server and will rather limit itself to the messages you have previously downloaded. (It will still let you compose new messages, however, even though you won't be able to send them).

Network AccessExpensive Connection

Use this if you're using Trojitá on a cell-phone or other device where it's important to reduce network traffic and be efficient.

Network AccessFree Access

Use this if you are on a desktop computer with unlimited broadband internet access. This permits Trojitá to more aggressively preload data. That is, instead of just downloading headers, for example, it will go right ahead and download a local copy of the messages, too.

The View Menu


Choose Wide for a modern, three-panel view with the message list in the center and the message itself on the right. Choose Compact for the traditional three panel view with the message list on top and the message itself on the bottom.

ViewShow Messages in Threads

Select this option to show messages grouped into threads (conversations). This is useful for mailing lists, for example. This depends on your IMAP server supporting one or more voluntary extensions, as Trojitá would otherwise have to do more work to properly thread messages.

ViewHide Read Messages

Choose this option if you like only new messages to appear in the message list.

ViewShow Only Subscribed Folders

Your mailbox may have more folders than you actually need to monitor. Select this option to limit the folders shown to only those you've subscribed to. (This doesn't delete the other folders, it just prevents them from being shown in the list of folders).