Chapter 1. Introduction


Skrooge is an application for managing your personal finances. It can keep track of your incomes and expenses across several accounts, in several currencies. It has all the features you should expect from such a tool, such as categories, scheduled operations, graphical reporting and stocks management. It also has some less common features, such as fast operation editing, search as you type, refund trackers and customizable attributes.

Skrooge displaying pie charts of expenses per category

What Skrooge Is

Skrooge is an Open Source personal finances manager built on KDE frameworks. It is intended to be used by individuals who want to keep track of their incomes, expenses and investments.

What Skrooge Is Not

Skrooge is not a professional tool. It doesn't have functions expected from a software you would use to run a small business. It doesn't manage taxes, doesn't use double-entry system, or any advanced financial functions.

If you were looking for such a tool, you may want to look at Kmymoney or Kraft instead.