Chapter 3. Tools


Okteta brings some tools, some to analyze and manipulate the byte arrays and some with more general purpose. These tools can be activated or deactivated from the Tools entry in the menu bar. Each tool has a small view, which docks either in one of the sidebars or freely floats as a window. You can dock, undock, rearrange and also stack the tool views with the mouse, by pressing the left mouse button on the title bar of a tool view, moving it as you like and releasing the left mouse button to complete the action, otherwise cancel it by pressing the Esc key.

Analyzers and Manipulators

Value/Char Table

The table lists all possible byte values, both as character and in the different numerical codings.

The selected value can be inserted at the cursor position for a defined number of bytes. This can be achieved by using the Insert button or double-clicking the line in the table.

Binary Filter

The filter performs binary operations on the selected bytes. After choosing the operation (AND, OR, ROTATE..) the parameters, if any, can be set in the box below. The filter is executed on the use of the Filter button.


This tool locates the strings in the selected bytes. After choosing the minimum string length, the strings are grepped for on the use of the Extract button. The list of the strings displayed can be narrowed by entering a filter term.


This tool builds a statistic for the selected bytes. The statistic gives the frequency of the occurrence of each byte value in the selection. It can be calculated by using the Build button.


This tool calculates various checksums or hashsums for the selected bytes. After choosing the algorithm and setting the parameter, if any, the sum is computed on the use of the Calculate button.

Decoding Table

The table displays the values of the byte or the bytes starting at the cursor for some common simple data types like Integer or Float, but also UTF-8. Double-clicking on a line in the table opens an editor, so the value can be edited and changed.


This tool enables investigating and editing of byte arrays based on user-creatable structure definitions. Detailed instructions are in an own section.

General tools


This tool offers an embedded file browser which can be used to select files to open.


This tool shows all currently created or loaded files. Symbols mark the file with the currently active view and also show which files have unsaved changes or which storage copy has been modified by another program.


This tool can be used to manage the bookmarks, alternatively to the Bookmarks menu.


Bookmarks are currently only transient and not saved if you close a byte array or the whole program.

File Info

This tool displays some information about the current file, including its type, the location of storage and the size.


An embedded Terminal, the working directory is not coupled with the active file.

Charset Conversion

The tool rewrites the bytes so the respective chars are the same as with the other charset. Only 8-bit charsets are supported, and unmatched chars are currently substituted with a value hardcoded to 0.