Chapter 8. Recording a movie with Marble

Recording a movie with Marble

To record a movie with Marble, use this function for recording.

Begin recording from the EditRecord Movie (Ctrl+Shift+R) menu item to open the Record Movie dialog. You will see a dialog like this:

Marble's Record Movie dialog

Press the Open... button to choose the name and destination folder of the movie. Also you can change the frames per second (FPS) of the movie between 1 and 60.

When all is set, you can start recording. To start, press the Start button. Once this is done you can zoom and pan around and Marble will capture a video of your journey across the globe.

To stop recording of the movie and save it, select the EditStop Recording menu item.


There may appear an error message because avconv or ffmpeg are not installed. Download from ffmpeg's downloads page and avconv's downloads page or use packages from your distribution.