The Browser Window

Table 5.3. Browser Window Keybindings

ReturnEnters a folder, or opens an image window, depending on the item selected.
Page DownAdvances one page in the list of files
Page UpMoves back up a page in the list of files
HomeSelects the first file or folder
EndSelects the last file or folder
SpaceToggles showing the browser, if an image window is open
any alpha-numeric characterOpens the edit field used for completion. Enter the first characters of a filename to search for, and if found, the file will be selected.
DeleteDeletes the current file. You will be asked to confirm the action.
Shift+DeleteDeletes the current file without asking for confirmation.
F1Opens the online help (this file)
Ctrl+QQuits KuickShow

Table 5.4. Browser Window Mouse Usage

Mouse UsageAction
Left clickEnter a folder, or select an image window.
Right clickOpens a context menu, with several options.
Double clickLoads the selected image or enters the selected folder