Chapter 5. Command Reference

The Image Window

All the shortcuts are configurable from the Configuration Dialog.

Table 5.1. Image Window Keyboard Shortcuts

Page DownLoad the next image
Page UpLoad the previous image
HomeLoads the first image
EndLoads the last image
+Zooms into the image
-Zooms out of the image
*Flips the image horizontally
/Flips the image vertically
7Rotates 270° clockwise (which is also 90° counter-clockwise)
8Rotates 90° clockwise
9Rotates 180° clockwise
Arrow keysMove the image (or rather, you, the viewer,) if it is larger than the screen
ReturnToggles between fullscreen and window mode
SpaceToggles the display of the browser
EscCloses the image window. This will close KuickShow entirely, if you don't have a browser window open.
B/Shift+BLightens/darkens the image
C/Shift+CAdds/Removes contrast
G/Shift+GMore/less gamma
OShows the image in original size. This is only useful when you have enabled automatic scaling.
EnterRedisplays the image with the default settings and size.
Ctrl+SOpens the Save As dialog
DeleteDeletes the current image. You will be asked to confirm the request.
Shift+DeleteDeletes the current image without asking for confirmation
Alt+ReturnDisplays the properties of the image
F1Opens the online help (this file)
Ctrl+WQuits KuickShow

Table 5.2. Image Window Mouse Usage

Mouse buttonAction
Right clickOpens the context menu, with several options
Left dragMoves the image, if it doesn't fit in the window.
Shift+Left dragMarks a rectangle you can zoom into.
Left double clickCloses the current image