Chapter 3. Circuits

Placing components

On the left, you'll find the Components tab.

Dragging a component from the sidebar into the circuit will place it under the mouse cursor. Alternatively, you can double click on an item in the Components sidebar to repeatedly add it to the circuit. In this mode, a copy of the selected component will be placed repeatedly on mouse left-clicking until either Esc is pressed, or the mouse is right-clicked.

To reposition a component, left-click and drag. You'll find it snapping to the underlying grid. If you drag the component out of the right or bottom edges of the workarea, the workarea will resize itself to accommodate.

All components have a notion of orientation; 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Those that aren't symmetrical about an axis can also be flipped. To rotate a selection of components, either right click and select from the Orientation menu, or click on the rotate buttons in the toolbar. The latter can also be accessed by pressing the [ and ] keys (familiar to Inkscape users). The Item sidebar (on the right) provides a powerful method of setting the orientation by providing previews of the components. Flipping components is also only possibly via the Item sidebar.