Chapter 5. Character Recognition

As already mentioned, the gocr must be installed. Scan a preview of your document in grayscale or color. You can only scan in binary mode if you have a pure white sheet of paper with black print. Next, highlight the text to be recognized in the preview window. Then, do your final scan in binary mode with Scan.

Now click the icon in the toolbar, OCR Selection, or select this item in the Scan menu. For your first try, do not change the default settings shown in the emerging OCR window. These are usually appropriate and meet most needs. Now click Start OCR. You will now see a window containing the OCR results. The quality depends heavily on that of the document itself.

After character recognition is complete, start a spellcheck for the recognized material. You can edit the content in the OCR window and export it as plain text.

After the final scan, mark a selection in the image display to the right to load just a part of the text or image to the OCR. Next, in the toolbar, click the icon or click in the menu on OCR Selection. Now proceed as described in the previous section.