The main window

The Main Window

The KMyMoney main window consists of four major parts

  • A. The menu bar

  • B. The toolbar

  • C. The View selector

  • D. The view

The menu and toolbars provide access to the features of KMyMoney and allow you to Create files or configure how KMyMoney operates.

On the left side of the main window, the view selector consists of at least eleven icons with optional labels, depending upon the software provided by your system. More icons could be added by various plugins. By clicking on an icon, the view window on the right hand side is loaded with the appropriate view of your financial data. Each view provides a unique representation of your financial situation and allows you to view or edit the information shown.

The view selector may contain the following icons

  • Home View Home: A configurable overview of your current financial situation (or an introduction page when no data file is open).

  • Institutions View Institutions: All of your institutions and accounts displayed in a hierarchy.

  • Accounts View Accounts: All of your accounts displayed in a hierarchy.

  • Schedules View Scheduled Transactions: Your recurring bills and deposits.

  • Categories View Categories: Special accounts that provide a means for you to group associated transactions.

  • Tags View Tags: Special accounts that provide an additional means to Categories for you to group associated transactions.

  • Payees View Payees: All Payees used by KMyMoney. These are all the people or organizations you pay money to or receive money from.

  • Ledgers View Ledgers: Your account transactions.

  • Investments View Investments: Your portfolio summary.

  • Reports View Reports: A collection of useful reports, providing alternate, customizable views of your financial data.

  • Budgets View Budgets: Your budgets.

  • Forecast View Forecast: This view provides a forecast of your accounts and categories.

  • Outbox View Outbox: Used by the online banking module to provide feedback on running processes. This view is provided by the KBanking plugin and may not be present on your system.