Home page display sections

These options allow you to customize the appearance of the Home View (also called the Home Page or Main Window) by choosing which information to display there and the order in which it appears. Selected sections can be reordered by clicking the respective Up or Down button.

Assets and Liabilities

This will display the asset and liability accounts that are open along with their current balances. This and other account lists on the Home Page are sorted in alphabetical order, unless otherwise noted.


This will display upcoming occurrences of Scheduled transactions, distinguishing Overdue payments from Future payments. It shows the date, schedule name, account and amount of the payment, and the account balance after the payment. By default it will show up to six transaction. If six are displayed, there is a link you can select to show more, up to 30 days in advance.

Preferred accounts

This will display the accounts that are identified as Preferred accounts within the AccountEdit account... Configuration dialog.

For this and all other account list sections addressed by this set of options, the display will include the account name and current balance, and other columns specific to that type of report, and in some cases, as configured elsewhere.

Payment accounts

This will display all Payment accounts; these include any account into which income can be deposited, and/or out of which bills can be paid.

Favorite Reports

This will display a list of all reports that have been identified as a favorite in the Configuration dialog of the Report. The list ordered chronologically by when each report became a favorite.

Forecast (schedule)

This will display a 30, 60, and 90 day forecast for asset and liability accounts with non zero balances and with non reconciled transactions.

Net worth forecast

This will display chart of your forecast net worth for the next 90 days.


This will display a current month summary and overruns for any defined budget(s). If no budget is defined, it will display no budget or overruns, with the actual current month spending.

Cash Flow

This will display a Cash Flow Summary analysis for the current month.

Homepage/Summary page scaling

Zoom factor:

This option allows for the selection of the font size as a percentage to fit the Home View based on the user preference.

Remember zoom factor when leaving the program if manually changed with mouse-wheel

Selecting this will save your font size preference if you have changed it on the Home page by using the mouse-wheel.

Account information display

These options allow you to customize what information is included in any list of accounts.

Show account limit information

Displays the account limit as set in the Account Edit dialog. It affects any list which includes Payment accounts.

Show balance-status of mapped online accounts

Shows the balance-status of mapped accounts, symbolized by an icon in the columns preceding the account name. A green checkmark indicates the online balance and local balance are the same. A mailbox with a green arrow indicates that the local file has transactions newer than the most recent online update. This alerts the user to start an online-update. A red warning sign indicates a mismatch between the local file and online-balance.

Show number of not marked transactions per account [!M]

Inserts an additional column next to the account name, showing the number of not marked transactions in the account.

Show number of cleared transactions per account [C]

Inserts an additional column showing the number of cleared transactions for the account.

Show number of not reconciled (not marked + cleared) transactions per account [!R]

Inserts an additional column showing the number of not reconciled transactions for the account, i.e., the sum of all not marked and cleared transactions.

Show date of last reconciliation

Inserts an additional column showing the last reconciliation date for the account.