Chapter 21. Search Transactions

Darin Strait

Revision 4.5 (2010-07-25)


The Search Transactions dialog searches your data based on criteria that you specify. You can access the dialog by going to the Edit menu and selecting Find transaction....

There are two main tabs in this dialog. The Criteria tab displays a number of sub-tabs for specifying the search criteria.

The results will be displayed under the Result tab after the search has completed. Below the list of results, KMyMoney shows the number of transactions that met the search criteria. Double-clicking on an individual transaction in the result list will bring up the appropriate ledger and display the transaction.

When the Find button is pressed, the search is initiated and all criteria that have been entered on any tab will be taken into account.

The Reset button resets all of the fields on all of the criteria sub-tabs back to the defaults. This allows you to specify new search criteria.

The Close button closes the Search Transactions dialog box.