Changing Transaction Settings

There are several options that change the appearance and behavior of the Ledger view in terms of transactions. These settings are found by selecting SettingsConfigure KMyMoney from the menu bar, and selecting the ledger icon from the list on the left.

Most of the settings are self explanatory. For clarity, several of the settings are explained below.

  • Show transaction form (under the Display tab) - toggle to hide the transaction form at the bottom of this screen. Transactions can still be entered directly into an empty line at the end of the transaction list, through an automatic compact entry area.

These images show what direct transaction entry looks like compared to the transaction form.

The transaction form

Transaction form

Transactions entered directly

Direct input

  • Keep changes when selecting a different transaction/split - by selecting the next line in the transaction list or split editor, the changes are kept, instead of the default behavior where you have to push the green check mark to save changes.