Chapter 19. Forecast

Colin Wright

Revision 4.5 (2010-07-25)

What is a Forecast?

In KMyMoney, a Forecast is a prediction of the balances of Accounts during a specified future period of time.

Forecasts can be predicted using one of two methods.

Scheduled and Future Transactions

KMyMoney uses a combination of future transactions already entered into the ledgers and the entries in the Schedule.


KMyMoney uses values from past transactions in the ledgers to predict future transactions.

The forecast method and forecast period can be set in the KMyMoney Settings, in the Forecast pane.

KMyMoney Forecast provides a summary, showing the predicted balances at account cycle dates and the expected difference between the starting and ending balances. The length of the account cycle can be set by the user. The summary also displays messages about significant predicted changes to the accounts during the forecast period.

As well as the summary, KMyMoney Forecast also allows you to view day-by-day balances and view the minimum and maximum balances for each forecast account cycle.

By default the Forecast is created for 90-days, with 30-day account cycles using Scheduled and Future Transactions.