Chapter 13. Currencies

Thomas Baumgart

Michael Carpino

Revision 5.0.8 (2020-02-20)

KMyMoney supports the use of multiple currencies in different accounts. For example, you can set up a bank account in Euros, another in British Pounds, and still have your credit card account in US Dollars.

Base currency

During the initial KMyMoney New File Setup, you will be asked to select the base currency. Usually, the base currency is the currency you use in your country. The base currency is the one that all income and expense categories use and that reports will be based on. When you set up a new account KMyMoney will automatically default to the base currency. If your account requires you to use a different currency, you can change it during the New Account Setup.

select currency

Adding a new currency

Although it does not happen often, sometimes a new currency is introduced. This can be a new virtual currency, such as Bitcoin, or a change introduced by a country for financial policy reasons. While any such currency will be added to the next version of KMyMoney it is possible to add it manually, in case you have a need to begin using it immediately.

To manually add a currency, select the ToolsCurrencies... menu item to display the Currencies dialog, as shown above. Right click on any existing currency and select New currency from the Currency Options context menu. Enter the official code for the currency and click OK. The currency will be created with the name New Currency. To change the name, either press F2 or right click and select Rename currency.