SSL Versions and Certificates

Subhashish Pradhan

T.C. Hollingsworth

Revision Frameworks 5.9 (2015-04-09)


KDE provides a list of all the X.509 certificates used by the system. They can be accessed in the SSL Preferences module in System Settings.

This module provides a categorized listing of all SSL versions and certificates. You can see the details of each of the certificates and add, delete, disable, or enable them.

The certificates are categorized into System certificates and User-added certificates. The System certificates are further categorized by the organization that issued them.

The SSL Versions and Certificates module

Viewing the Details of a Certificate

Select a certificate under a listed organization, and click on the Display... underneath the list to view the details of the certificate.

The certificate details window.

Enabling or Disabling a Certificate

First, select a certificate listed under an organization. Then, click the Enable button to enable the certificate, or click the Disable button to disable an enabled certificate.

Alternatively, you can enable or disable a certificate by selecting or clearing the check box before the certificate.


You can enable or disable multiple certificates by selecting them while holding the Ctrl key and then clicking on the Enable or Disable button below the list.

Adding a Certificate

First, click on the Add... button below the certificate list. It will open the file selector dialog allowing you to locate where the certificate files are stored. After locating the certificate file, select it and click on the Open button to add it.


The certificates must be in one of the following formats: DER, PEM, or Netscape®-encoded X.509 certificate.

Removing a Certificate

Select the listed certificate that you want to remove, and click the Remove button to remove the certificate.


System certificates cannot be removed.

Thanks and Acknowledgments

Special thanks to Google Code-In 2011 participant Subhashish Pradhan for writing this article.