Color schemes

Kalzium can show you which elements are where with regard to their Periodic block and group, their behavior with acid and which state of matter (i.e. solid/liquid/vapor) they are in at a given temperature.

Color schemes can be changed in the ViewScheme menu, toolbar drop-down list, or View tab of the Sidebar.

  • Monochrome: all the elements have the same color. You can change the default color by choosing SettingsConfigure Kalzium... and going to the Schemes page.

  • Blocks: displays a color for each block.

  • Iconic: displays icons for each element.

  • Family: represents each of the nine families with a color.

  • Groups: displays a color for each group. A group is a vertical column in the periodic table of the elements. There are 18 groups in the standard periodic table. Elements in a group have similar configurations of their valence shell electrons, which gives them similar properties.

  • Colors: Nice colors without meaning. (From the Open Babel project).